Historic celebrities and their look-alikes

There have been numerous instances of people resembling famous figures and using their likeness for various purposes. One notable example is M.E. Clifton James, who bore a strong resemblance to Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. In 1944, James was sent to Gibraltar and North Africa in order to deceive the Germans about the location of the upcoming D-Day invasion. This story was later the subject of a book and film titled "I Was Monty's Double."

In the 1970s, actor-comedian Richard M. Dixon, who looked like President Richard Nixon, gained some celebrity by portraying the president in the films "Richard" and "The Faking of the President." Dixon also appeared in Woody Allen's short film "Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story." Jeannette Charles has been working as a look-alike for Queen Elizabeth II since the early 1970s. Vic Armstrong, a British stuntman, acted as Harrison Ford's body double in all of the Indiana Jones films and was often mistaken for Ford on set.

There have also been instances of people resembling other celebrities, such as Princess Diana, Bill Gates, Paris Hilton, and Dolly Parton. In addition, there have been TV shows and competitions featuring look-alikes, as well as conspiracy theories that Paul McCartney was replaced by a look-alike and Saddam Hussein used doubles for political purposes. Some look-alikes have gained fame for their resemblance to these famous figures, while others have used their likeness for more nefarious purposes, such as attempting to deceive the public or further political agendas.

There are also professional impersonators who make a living by resembling famous figures. For example, Howard X is a professional impersonator who looks like North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, and Suzie Kennedy is a British impersonator who looks like Marilyn Monroe. These impersonators often perform in shows and events, entertaining audiences with their likeness to these famous figures.

In conclusion, there have been numerous instances of people resembling famous figures, whether they are historical figures, celebrities, or political leaders. Some have gained fame and attention for their resemblance, while others have used their likeness for more specific purposes, such as deception or entertainment.

This photo shows Michael Mackson and Sergio Cortes, who is a big fan and tries everything to look like his idol.

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